Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Conversion Experineces


I believe that there are two ways to come to belief in Jesus as the Christ and our savior.

The first is for those who are believers in another religion or those who do not believe in God at all. For them there is the road to Damascus Conversion Experience like Saul/Paul in Acts chapter nine. There comes a moment when they are confronted with Christ and have a change of heart and mind. They are “Converted.”

The second is for one who is raised in the faith and has always believed in God and Christ. For them there is the Emmaus Road experience, in Luke chapter twenty-four, when they have an “ah ha” experience and confirm what they already know to be true and make a commitment of faith.

Both experiences are valid and lead to a deep commitment to Jesus as the Christ and our Lord and savior. At this point we become “Disciples” that is students who are seeking to become like the master.

Friday, November 11, 2005


One God or Three?

The Trinity what do we truly believe about it?

Some people believe that there are three separate Godheads Father/Creator, Son/savior, and Holy Spirit.

Others believe that there is only ONE God who does three different things in relating to us. As Father God created the universe, as son God found a way to become flesh and reveal Himself to us and as Holy Spirit still speaks to us today.

So What do you believe about the Trinity?

Friday, October 21, 2005


Theology 101

Good Theology can help us identify which of our many choices is correct for our life. I am often appalled when some of my church members do not apply their religious beliefs to their life choices. I think that our theological beliefs ought to inform our choices in every day life including our little decisions as well as our major ones. Sadly very few people ever consider how theological insights can stretch our minds to imagine a way of life that otherwise escapes us. We trudge through the darkness like troglodytes wandering through a cave.

It really does not matter what your religion happens to be, understanding what you believe can reshape your whole experience in living. Did you just accept what your parents taught you to believe without examining where that belief came from? Do you accept what ever the preacher in church or on TV says without checking out the validity of his or her statements? It takes extra effort to ask those questions but making that effort is vital for having a well-interrogated spiritual and physical harmony.

1. What exactly do I believe about --------?
2. Where did I get this information?
3. How does it affect my living?
4. Do I need to make a change in my theology or in my way of life?
5. Where can I get help?

It is your life and only you can adjust your physical/spiritual harmony.


Disciples Theology

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a place where people can grow in their faith and understanding of God. We are open to opinions that differ for we know that we can only grow when we raise questions and examin other opinions. This site will be a safe place where we can exchang views and share thoughts about those views. Though this is being set up for Disciple Clergy we are open to everyone who wants to respond to the post. Comments with inapproiate language will be deleted.

Rev. Larry Lea Odom-Groh

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